Dear collaborators, As you well know, we are living an extraordinary situation. The country is in a state of emergency and health crisis due to the extension of COVIDIEN-19. In order to avoid the collapse of hospitals, a regime of generalised confinement and state of alarm has been decreed which obliges us to establish teleworking as far as possible. This is new for everyone and we will try, from the management and the human team of CALAF CONSTRUCTORA, that our activity is developed in the best possible conditions and that it gives results proportional to those that we could expect in normal circumstances. We are working to face the period of confinement, which presumably can last a few weeks. It is key that we are all extremely careful with our health and that everyone always understands that confinement is not only to protect each one of us, but also to protect the people around us. We all take up the challenge! We remain at your disposal, via telephone or email, to process any request or inquiry you may have, whether it derives from an existing relationship or not. We are here to collaborate in whatever is necessary. Sincerely, Direction of CALAF CONSTRUCTORA