Calaf Constructora has begun the improvement works of the Güell Park. This project foresees interventions in different places inside the Park Güell, among them the benches of the Plaza de la Natura, the roof of the Hipóstila Room, the access to the Cistern, the Sarva Fountain and the Pont de Bajo. The actions to be carried out are the following: Benches in the Plaza de la Natura: restoration of the exterior of the benches thanks to the installation of auxiliary means, replacement of the pieces of ceramic and glass of the trencadís, restoration of the pieces of ceramic of the trencadís by means of the recovery of the lost volumes with lime mortars and chromatic reintegration with silicate paints, partial replacement of the joint material of the trencadís with lime mortars and natural aggregates. Ceiling of the Hypostyle Room: restoration of the surfaces of the domes and the ribs between the columns of the ceiling of the Hypostyle Room by installing auxiliary means, the elimination of the oxidised metallic elements that cause pathologies to the trencadís, replacement of the pieces of ceramic of the trencadís that present fissures, partial replacement of the material of *rejuntament of the trencadís with lime mortars and of natural aggregates. Access to the Cistern: Replacement of the access inside the rainwater accumulation tank under the Plaza de la Natura and the Sala Hipóstila, by removing the cover and the existing metal scale section, supply and installation of a new trap and a new metal scale section allowing easier access for maintenance. Font de la *Sarva: intervention in the area of the Font de la *Sarva with the aim of recovering this currently walled-in space, to make it visible to visitors to the park and accessible for guided tours, removing the slab that covers the original scale, placing a new foundation grid and the lighting installations inside the space of the fountain to make it visible and visitable. Low Viaduct: Action to the natural stone railings, in the straight and curved sections (interior and exterior) of the Low Viaduct, between the planters that generate benches type “poyo”, to reinforce the railings against horizontal impulses, through structural reinforcement with stainless steel profiles, and recovery of the lost volumes to return them to their original volumes