Services of civil and mechanical construction of distribution networks and new connections to the town of Sant Salvador de Guardiola (Urbanization the Calvet - Barcelona)

Construction of the pipeline for natural gas distribution network in the urbanization of Calvet Sant Salvador de Guardiola (Bages - Barcelona).

The system is used by the construction trenches reduced section. It performs an inspection and preliminary design techniques using ground penetrating radar to locate services.

The opening of the trench is performed by a drive system coupled to a swivel. This disc is manufactured by the company Calaf Industrial Group, through its brand Nextrencher. The filling of ditches is done with low dosage of mortar which protects subsequent settlements.

The total length of the work is 7,300 meters in polyethylene piping of different diameters (200 mm, 160 mm, 110 mm, 90mm, 63mm) performed during three months in seven different phases. The work also consists of 169 homes attacks executed and put in charge.