Calaf Constructora i Serom were present at the Cafè Lean organized by ITEC (Institut de la Tecnologia de la Construcció de Catalunya) last 18th of January. In this session was explained the experience in the work and performance made to the new Unit of Critics of the Hospital Santa Caterina de Salt (Girona) executed by the UTE (Serom-Dominion), with the participation of the technical services of Calaf Constructora. The format of the session was open and informal, with the participation of the majority of the team that worked on the project and the consultant from Lean. It was discussed the control of the project through a system of management and indicators, the planning and control of production of all the project equipment, from the owner to the industrialists and the design at cost in a project with traditional contracting. The day was a complete success in terms of the total number of participants.