Responsible Company Policy (CSR)

Calaf Constructora understands Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a way of leading the company, based on how we manage the impact our activity generates on our customer groups, employees, shareholders and on society in general.

The following principles and commitments have been integrated into Calaf Constructora’s policy:

Criminal Crime Prevention Plan

The company has a Criminal Crime Prevention Plan

Equality policies

The enterprise has implemented policies of equal opportunities between women and men

Ethical code

The firm works based on an Ethical Code that includes the most human and socially responsible values

Integrated management policy


Calaf Constructora is committed to customer satisfaction, respect for the sustainable development of the ecosystem and safe, healthy and harmonious jobs. Commitment to compliance with legal and contractual requirements; the prevention of pollution, accidents at work and occupational diseases; the prevention and attention of emergencies and the promotion of Social Responsibility with its stakeholders.


This is achieved by applying our knowledge in providing engineering and construction services, continually improving and innovating our processes and resources, seeking to generate social, economic and environmental benefits for all interested parties.

Environmental declaration


Calaf Constructora has a commitment to Society and its wellbeing, which is materialized with the development of our global activity under an Environmental Management Program, endorsed by the certification of the Integrated Management System, based on the ISO 14001 and EMAS Regulations.