On 22nd December, Josep Picañol (Head of Quality and Environmental Prevention at Calaf Grup) collected, on behalf of Calaf Constructora, an acknowledgement from Mútua Intercomarcal for the economic incentive granted by the Ministry of Employment and Social Security for the 2013 financial year. The congratulation was materialised through a visit by the Territorial Director of Mútua Intercomarcal, Mr. Miquel Fulladosa, and the head of business management of the Manresa branch, Mr. Jordi Vilarmau. According to sources of Mútua Intercomarcal, this recognition only reaches 1% of the mutualists, which makes it even more deserving. Calaf Constructora is already a regular in the application and obtaining the incentive since 2010 for having the labor accident rate controlled, for the efforts in preventive investments, in short, to pursue excellence in preventive matters going beyond what the law strictly says.