The main objective of the works that make up the project is the expansion of the platform Sarria station towards Provença station of Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya, and adapting it to Disabled. It is intended to alleviate the problems caused by the high concentration of users at rush hour, which is about 4,700 people. It is the second station in volume of users across the Barcelona-Vallès line, after Plaza Catalunya. This station is located under the street Balmes between Rosselló and Provença streets, having entrances and hallways under the respective junctions with both streets. The main actions envisaged in the project are: Expanding the width of the platform Sarria over a length of 27 meters, from the current 2.95 meters to 8.35 meters, which involves making a gallery 50 meters long and parallel to the platform beneath buildings Balmes street.  A new entry will be built in the extended part with fixed stairs and elevator, which will improve mobility flows and prevent the accumulation rating given now. Reconfiguring the existing well at the crossroads of Balmes and Rossello. In construction phase it will be used for input and output materials and machinery of the gallery, and then a new access between platform and lobby will be built. New emergency exit platform direction Sarria with enlargement gallery of the platform and connecting with the previous existing well. Surveillance any anomalies that may occur during the development of the work and guaranteeing security conditions in the field of action. Works are expected to begin shortly and have a duration of two years.

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