The next work, assigned by the Gimenells Irrigation Community (Segrià region), will consist of the construction of a transport and distribution network and irrigation systems. The beneficiary properties belong to the municipality of Gimenells and are irrigated by the canals of Aragon and Catalonia.

The area to be modernized is 722 Ha and the average of the farms is 8.3 Ha. This network will have 20 km of pipes, which will have a diameter of 180mm to 1000mm and will be made of concrete with a sheet metal cover and polyethylene.

It is also planned to build about 85 hydrants of 100mm and 125mm. The work will save up to 30% of water and reduce the risk of apportionment during the summer season.

On the other hand, a new pumping station is being considered to be built to suit the demand, which will be adapted to the flow rates requested.

The work will be carried out by CALAF CONSTRUCTORA, TECNIRIEGO and Electra Homedes, with the forecast that it will start in February and will last approximately one year, in order to be ready for the next irrigation season.