The community No. 16 of the General Irrigation Community of Urgell Channels has awarded the first phase of the modernization of the irrigation channel to the UTE Constructora Calaf, Tecniriego and Eletro Homedes. In this first phase, they will work on 400 hectares of a hundred owners of cereal, fodder and fruit crops that are currently irrigated with the traditional or flood irrigation system and that will now be irrigated with pressure systems (drip or sprinkler). This project will make it possible to rationalize the use of water and improve the quality of life of the farmers, who will be able to know when it is their turn to irrigate a plot of land using their Smartphone. Therefore, the existing system of ditches and canals will be replaced by a pressurized system. At the end of the work, the two irrigation systems will coexist. The works consist of 4 units. 1. Catchment work. On-site concrete structure consisting of an entrance and roughing channel with a 5 cm passage grid. 2. Filtering work. As a protection measure for the pumps. In-line filter with 1.5 mm. automatic cleaning mesh. 3. Pumping station. In-line pumping system, without regulation basin in the impulsion. The pumps will be adapted to the demand by means of a remote control system. 4. Distribution network. Formed by pipes of diameters 630mm. up to diameter 110 mm. With a total of 18.5 km of network. The duration of the work will be approximately 6 months and will be carried out outside the irrigation campaign.