Hospital building of Vall d'Hebron

Calaf Constructora and Serom, construction companies specialized in the health sector, completed the design and construction of the new multi-purpose hospital building located in the Pere Virgili Health Park Vall d’Hebron in just 20 weeks in order to cover all the emergency needs of patients in the city of Barcelona affected by the Covid-19 health crisis. This work has been possible thanks to the human team and the investment of funds earmarked for innovation, research and development by the Catalan government and the participating companies.

The multi-purpose hospital building is a space designed to be converted quickly, within 24 to 48 hours, into an ICU (Intensive Care Unit) in order to attend to patients presenting symptoms of coronavirus, with the inclusion of spaces and hospital beds.

The new 4,000-square-metre Pere Virgili-Vall d’Hebron Health Park multi-purpose hospital space also has two floors for conventional hospitalization, one for critical care units and a Covid-19 diagnostic testing laboratory. The roof floor houses the machinery that allows the entire building to operate autonomously.

Thus, this healthcare center is a space that allows a rapid and effective response to the current pandemic situation, designed to expand the hospital infrastructure of the Catalan region, providing maximum performance and flexibility with respect to the uses of the facilities, where the future inclusion of external visits and vaccination areas is foreseen.

A key factor that has made it possible to complete the project in record time has been the collaborative and transparent mentality of the companies and the teams, highly qualified in their field of work, which has helped to create a very favorable working climate. These staff included architects, engineers, site managers, foremen, LEAN managers, BIM managers, care managers and property representatives.

In addition, the methodology used in the construction phase has been used to meet the project deadline and to provide services with optimal agility, quality and productivity, combining traditional on-site construction systems with more industrialized processes. An example of these work tools is the Last Planner System (LPS), tool of the LEAN methodology, which allow us to reduce deadlines and execution processes and to coordinate industrialized tasks in the factory with on-site work.

Health is a fundamental pillar for the economic and social development of the country. To guarantee this basic right of citizens, Calaf Grup, the parent company of Calaf Constructora and Serom, has committed itself to innovative and industrialized work with the aim of improving the environment and society, based on solvency, empathy, reliability and commitment to its clients. With 417 employees and a turnover of 140 million in 2020, the aim of Calaf Constructora aim Serom is to build differently in order to change the society in which we live.

Thanks to having clear ideas, Calaf Grup has managed to carry out one of its capital works in just 20 weeks, mainly as a result of the interest in the Catalan territory and the corporate social responsibility of the 3rd generation family business, where the reduction of CO2 emissions and the digitalization of production and management processes are constantly promoted.