On Friday, June 21, the widening of the platform of the FGC Provença station in the direction of Sarrià took place. The inauguration ceremony was chaired by the President of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Quim Torra, and the Minister of Territory, Damià Calvet, and the President of Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat, Ricard Font.
The widening of the station began in November 2016 and has consisted of the extension of a section of platform of 27m in length, from 3 to 8m useful, by building a gallery of 50m parallel to the vault of the station, the installation of a new staircase between the enlarged part and the lobby, which now allows to separate the flows of entrances and exits, and the installation of an elevator between both levels.
There have also been 2 emergency exits, one on the seafront of Rosselló and the other on the corner of Besòs mar and Balmes.
For the construction of the new gallery, it had to be partially excavated below 6 buildings on Balmes Street and prior to the excavation, micro-piles were made to reinforce the station walls. The work was executed on the basis of a BIM model that made it easier for all the agents who participated in the work to work together in the transfer of information and the temporal and economic management of the project.

The Provença station is the second station in volume of users of the Barcelona-Vallès line from the Plaça Catalunya station and serves the L6, L7 urban lines and the Vallès subway. You can get more information about the act from the press department of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the following media: La Vanguardia Diari ARA El Periódico Europa Press Regió 7 Nació digital