One of the most emblematic works in the field of urban equipment that Calaf Constructora has carried out is the remodeling of the Ninot Market in Barcelona, ​​a work that is currently being carried out, which is carried out through a UTE In which the company calafina along with Rubau and Vías y Construcciones participate.

The market of the Ninot-a building dating from 1933 – is today one of the leading markets of the Barcelona municipal network. Of metallic structure and perimetral enclosure of work view is, in addition, one of the most characteristic public buildings of the District of the Eixample.

After the first two phases during which the foundations and the retaining walls were reformed, what is currently being carried out is the third and last phase, which consists of the construction of the two underground plants that will serve the market and also the Renovation of the building of which until now has been the market.

The façades are being rehabilitated, the market cover is being renovated, new exterior stops are being made, which will be attached to the market facade-Villarroel and Casanova streets- as well as all the necessary finishes both inside and out. the outside. Photovoltaic panels are also being installed on the roof, which will provide electric power and domestic hot water, as well as other energy-saving measures, such as energy recovery systems in the ventilation system, maximum use of natural light And more efficient management of the artificial light of the parking lot.

Apart from the Ninot Market, the company has also participated in the construction of other buildings of this nature, such as the Central Market of Fruits and Vegetables of Lleida. The center, built on a plot of 4.2 ha, consists of two different constructions: the wholesale market and the producers’ hall. The first one is divided into 22 modules and includes, among other features, loading and unloading springs, thermal insulation and central services (offices, toilets, administration, bar and restaurant). The producers’ hall stands out for its innovative aesthetics, with a roof formed by four square pyramids, supported by a central pillar, which have skylights to provide natural light and ventilation in the interior. The Market also has 383 parking spaces.

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