Civil and mechanical services for the construction of distribution networks and new connections in the municipality of Horche (Guadalajara) work and

Realization of civil works and mechanical assembly of 8,637 ml of distribution networks of PE in nominal diameters of 160 mm to 63 mm and 605 units of new connections in the municipality of Horche (Guadalajara), according to the operational needs of the Guadalajara Delegation

The work includes the previous study of GPR on the route and report, implementation of the trenches by trencher disc removal of material resulting from the excavation by machines vacuum cleaners, mechanical work of PE, backfilling by self-compacting mortar, self-leveling, reexcavable and colored, replacement of the existing pavement, as well as pressure testing, final documentation work and all consumables in machinery and vehicles.

Progress in building the network was 100m / day and rush on the new network 2m in any nominal diameter.